Nodding in the nithered gale:
the Snowdrop,
alien to the snowdrift;

and the aurora danced:
The native Star gave welcome,
entertaining with its charged prowess;
trusting in its universal beauty;
chancing at the fancies of a stranger;
flamboyant in the greeting of its guest.

The Snowdrop,
its petals hued in green reciprocation,
swayed in newly-breathing atmospheres
to the host’s magnetic, silent, dulcet music
that bathed the drift dramatic for no other.

No other had prevailed the entrys heat.
There was matter scattered soot-like in the snow,
which covered over seed and afterglow.

The system radiated speculation:
Native moons above rubbernecked
throughout their ancient, inching transit
through constellations yet to bear a story;
for no raconteurs were crammed aboard the vanguard.
The plants contained were strains
bereft of sentient brains.

So the Star and Snowdrop interact;
they dance
till engineered fortitude succumbs
and wilts the only flower in a parsec.

Chris Harland

Chris Harland is a writer and performer based in Newcastle
Upon Tyne. Born in West Durham, he is a regular face on
the North East spoken word scene. His delivery has been
described as both energetic and intense with theatrical leanings.
He can be found performing at poetry events up and down
the country.

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