The Great Dinner Expedition

Since the publication of our 2006 anthology, Expanding Egos, we have travelled creatively far and wide, individually and as a group. Writing is a journey from inner to outer; you never know others fully or yourself completely. But we try to connect. We are all on the great dinner expedition, in search of cultural nourishment.

We have embarked on internal image explorations in quiet rooms, raised our voices in readarounds; crafted cosmic lyrics and lain down the law to unruly neighbours. From rants to rap through daisychains to Goths and gardeners; penning six sentence paragraphs putting experience under the microscope; walking to the rhythm of poetry, scribbling to the rhythm of life. We have participated in writing marathons – shot off the blocks at Lamplight Arts Centre, gone round and round for hours, absorbing the lyrical atmosphere. We have shared the Northern Lines platform with numerous authors at Newcastle’s Lit & Phil, even performed lunchtime sets at Sunderland’s Stadium of Light. It’s been fun, it’s been cabaret, but there’s been plenty of sobering words too. Confessional monologues on radio and wishes on walls, poems on page and stage; we’ve done it all. Feast on letters from greedy grandchildren and sob stories of penniless rock chicks; unpack the metaphorical contents of army kit bags and consider sand over cornflakes; ruminate on the misadventures of magic buttons or sail upon a sea of dreams; sample summer fruits or conquer frozen peaks. We invite you to suspend disbelief, swallow whopping big lies or merely savour the beauty of life’s small wonders.

Colourful creations, good enough to eat, served up in generous helpings on our treks across County Durham for National Poetry Day and other literary celebrations; offering food for thought and sometimes singing for our suppers: the ebb and flow of bright illumination; word power to the masses.

Waddington Street Writers - October 2008

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