from Metropacity

I hear her announcing
‘Doll’s Clothing’
I see her jaded with it all
Her thoughts turn to
Auxiliary pastimes,
Especially in the evenings.

I hear her announcing
‘Dawn’s Closing’
And I see a rupture of light upon the horizon
She stumbles to the bathroom
Sees an older face in the mirror
Regret and lament
Displayed in every line.

I hear her announcing
‘Don’s Hosing’
And I bestow upon her
A partner,
In a garden
See her walking up the path
Watching him
Deadheading the dolls
She planted last spring.

I hear her announcing
‘Doors Coving’
And imagine Jim Morrison
Decorating her lounge
Spirit level on the dado,
Leather tool-belt
And her crumpling dry paper
And placing dry sticks
Into a cold grate. 

James Oates

James Oates was born and raised in Seaham, County Durham. His first poetry pamphlet was ‘Ripples in the Dream Pool’ (with Michelle Robinson, Hybrid Press 1995). In 1997 James won the East Durham Writer of the Tear Award for prose. His work has appeared in numerous small press magazines including Sand, “Moodswing”, Hybrid, Aesthetica and Northern Lines. His debut full-length solo collection “Wideyback” was published in 2007 and Red Squirrel Press. James has since produced poetry for a variety of mixed-media projects and art exhibitions.


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